Phoenix Infobabe Forced to Recant Report on Carney’s Staged White House Briefings

Sometimes the truth gets out.
Check it out:

So yesterday we had the local infobabe from Phoenix. Here name was Catherine Anaya, and she let the cat out of the bag in a huge way. She essentially said that when she talked to Jay Carney, Jay Carney said, “Oh, yeah, reporters give me questions in advance, I’m able to find the answers, and then I give them the answers in advance.” She reported this. A major hubbub resulted.

Wherein, I said on this program about 12:30, about halfway into the first hour, “I’m gonna predict by one o’clock Eastern time, maybe two o’clock, this woman’s mind will be made right. They will pressure her and pressure her, and she will say that she got it wrong, that she misunderstood. They are going to show her her career hanging in the balance on how she handles this, because they can’t let this stand.”

They cannot let it stand that there is this kind of not just cooperation, but coordination and collaboration between the Drive-Bys in the White House press corps and the Regime. They cannot let the idea they submit their questions in advance so that Carney knows what they are and is able to get the answers and make it look like he’s really brilliant, when he may not have the slightest clue unless he gets the questions in advance.



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