Why is It Okay for Man to Tamper with Nature to Save Baby Salmon?

More examples of liberal values being based on feelings.
Check it out:

Can you imagine how many years I would get if I went out to the beach and started moving turtle eggs? They have these environmentalist wackos out there on the beach just spying on people. If I went out there and I found a turtle nest and moved it, you know, so I could turn on my lights or something, can you imagine how many years I would get?

Folks, there’s a point to be made here. We’re told by the environmentalist wackos that the only thing threatening the existence of the planet is humanity, that we are not part of nature. Everything else, from a blade of grass, to the ugliest insect that you can find, is perfectly normal and is exactly as whoever intended it to be. But then we came along somehow, we evolved out of something, and we become the biggest enemy of the planet Earth. We’re destroying it.

We’re destroying the climate. We’re destroying the North Pole. We’re destroying everything. And I’m not making this up. Over the course of the many years I’ve done this program I’ve chronicled what these people think. There are some that really believe this, and they’re not kooks; they are mainstream, if you can say something like that, environmentalist nutcases.

So here we are, all of a sudden because of the drought, the baby salmon can’t get to where they’re supposed to be. Now, I don’t accept the idea that the drought’s because we caused it, but that’s what they think. So we have a duty to move the salmon, but then why are we moving the salmon? Why? We’re not doing it to protect the salmon because we’re gonna kill them! Because we’re gonna eat them. Because they taste good. That is why we are intruding on nature. We are taking advantage of something beautiful in nature, a salmon, and moving it so that we can kill it to eat it. What a bunch of creeps we are.

“Well, Rush, people have to eat.”

I know. I’m just putting everything in context for you according to what they tell us from the environmentalist wackos and all of their 501(c)(3)s like the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council, that we’re the problem. We got no business moving the salmon, especially if we’re doing it for us. But somehow it doesn’t seem to matter when it’s something that liberals like to eat. Not just liberals, but salmon is approved. It isn’t beef and it’s got a bunch of stuff in it that doesn’t matter that they think does, like omega fish oil and all that stuff, which has been proven to be bogus.



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