ObamaCore Revolt to Save Education

Common Core is certainly the takeover of education by the federal government. With that there is no better name than ObamaCore.
Check it out:

The battle over Common Core is far from over. More and more people are joining the fight against it, even in states where it is considered a done deal. Parents and concerned citizens now realize what’s at stake is the complete makeover of America’s schools in the image of Common Core. And in all likelihood, homeschools and private schools will eventually be required to follow the national standards, too.

“There are a lot of organizations that have sprung up for the express purpose of fighting Common Core,” said Jane Robbins, senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

She has spoken to Republican, tea-party and 9/12 groups and people who’ve started Facebook pages against Common Core.

“It’s truly a grassroots effort. It is extraordinary,” Robbins said, explaining that no one thought the movement would get this big. “The whole point was the way they treated this was that it would be a done deal before anyone found out. They thought people would be sheep and roll over and accept what the ‘experts’ told them to do. But it hasn’t turned out that way.”



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