ObamaCare Website Crashes on ‘Final Day’ of Enrollment

Kind of a daily thing.
Check it out:

The HealthCare.gov website is down for maintenance Monday, the final day of Affordable Care Act enrollment.

The site, which had been performing well under large volume as the sign-up deadline approached, has been unavailable since shortly after 3 a.m. Eastern Time.

Health and Human Services officials said it was a software bug that was being repaired. The site goes through routine maintenance at night, but this incident spilled into high-profile hours in the final day for most people to enroll in Obamacare.

“The tech team is working now to bring the system online as soon as possible. Consumers are able to leave their email and will be invited back when the system is available,” a spokesman said.

While March 31 is the official deadline, HHS has said people who tried to sign up on time and had problems can have additional time.

The call center is working. So is the “window-shopping” function where people can peruse plans but not choose one.



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