Obamacare Glitch Sticks Las Vegas Man with $407,000 Doctor Bill

Government ineptness at its best.
Check it out:

A triple bypass heart surgery and $407,000 in doctor bills incurred in January and February has left a 62-year old Las Vegas man in one serious predicament, as the Nevada Obamacare exchange he signed up with is not recognizing him as an enrollee.

Larry Basich said he began trying to enroll in Obamacare on Oct. 1, but because he fought technical flaws during multiple sign-up attempts, it wasn’t until mid-November that he finally was accepted for his United Healthcare’s MyHPNSilver1. “It was like reaching the third level of Doom,” Basich said of the grueling enrollment process. Significantly, Larry paid his first premium on Nov. 21, and within days the exchange withdrew the $160.77 payment from his money-market savings account. Because Basich paid a month before the Dec. 23 deadline, it qualified him for coverage beginning Jan. 1.

Xerox, the contractor for the Nevada exchange, says Basich chose a plan from another insurer, Nevada Health CO-OP, even though Basich has paperwork that shows he selected MyHPNSilver1. In short, Xerox can’t seem to decide which plan Mr. Basich should be covered under.



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