Obama Has It Tougher Than Reagan?

It is tougher on Obama to keep all his lies straight. So many of them conflict that new lies have to be made up.
Check it out:

I didn’t see this, but I have been told that Mark Halperin… I guess he’s a political writer at TIME Magazine. He writes all these books now. Halperin used to be a political director at ABC. He’s one of the things guys that writes books during the campaign, learns all kinds of stuff that could affect the election, and holds it. He doesn’t report it. He saves it for a book that he writes after it’s all done and said. He writes and his partner is John Heilemann.

Apparently on Morning Joe today, Halperin said, “Look, Reagan never had anywhere near as tough a Soviet leader as Putin,” implying that Reagan had it easy compared to what Obama’s dealing with. Well, let’s play a little game here. Let’s list the names of the Soviet leaders that Reagan had to deal with.

First off was Leonid Brezhnev. I’ll bet you’ll never get the next one. (interruption) You’re thinking of Yuri Andropov.

There was another one before Andropov. (interruption) Yeah, Konstantin Chernenko. After Konstantin Chernenko was assassinated by the KGB for ineffectiveness or whatever… (interruption) Well, we don’t really know, but when those guys died, it was always under a cloud. After Chernenko, it was Yuri Andropov — and Andropov, let me tell you something. Andropov was right out…



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