Do Obama and Putin Share a Worldview?

Obama is trying to figure out he can do the same thing as Putin.
Check it out:

Obama may believe that Putin’s doing what he’s doing because we, George Bush — and, by the way, folks, you know, you might laugh about this, there are a bunch of liberal media people that are blaming Bush for this. I kid you not. A couple of ’em on MSNBC. I don’t want to mention any names over there, but a couple of those people, I think a couple of prominent newspaper leftist columnists have blamed it on Bush. I kid you not.

So I don’t think you’ll ever persuade people that Obama is like Putin in the sense that he will deploy his military to conquer other countries and put them under the United States flag, but he won’t stand in the way of anybody else going wherever they want in the world, because he is of the liberal mind, who are we to tell ’em no? In fact, that’s almost out of the liberal national anthem. Who are we to tell ’em no?

The way that works is, the real belief in this Regime about the Iranian pursuit of a nuclear weapon is, well, who are we to tell ’em they can’t? We’ve got one. And nobody told us we can’t. Who are we? What right do we have to tell the Iranians they can’t build a nuclear bomb? And that’s the way they look at it. So with Putin on the march, I think Obama’s view is it doesn’t matter, but he’s a gotta act like it does, even if it means delaying a vacation. Syria, it doesn’t matter, doesn’t care. But he has to act like he does. “So here’s the red line. You better not cross it. Oh, you crossed it. Now I’m really mad. I’m gonna draw — you better not cross, I’ll get really, really mad.” Never does anything about it. And of course that’s the bottom line.

Look at what he does. Zip, zero, nada. A lot of talk, a lot of trying to sound tough, but I think it’s all rooted, Steven, in the fact that Obama doesn’t think it’s any of our business to stand up for the freedom of people in Ukraine, even though we promised them that we would in two agreements. Bill Clinton and Obama reaffirmed it in 2009. We promised them that if they would gut their army, gut their military, get rid of their nukes, that we would protect their borders. What country’s ever going to believe us again? And that has been operative for quite a few years now, not just now. But even though we promised them that we would, we’re not going to.

Does anybody really think Obama would use any kind of force whatsoever? He’s gonna send Kerry over there and they’re gonna talk sanctions and this kind of stuff, but it’s never gonna matter and happen. And that’s all for show, to make some in the stock market think that Obama is traditional in the sense that America is the defender of liberty and freedom in the world. But that’s so passe now.



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