Obama to Putin: You Can’t Do That!

Putin is laughing at Obama.
Check it out:

So even if Putin nukes up, arms up, we can protect ourselves. If he comes after us in NATO, we can protect ourselves. We’re not gonna do diddly-squat. So after Putin redraws the map, Obama says, “You can’t do that” and then says, “Might doesn’t make right. We’re not gonna do anything militarily. We’re not gonna. You can’t do that — and if you do do that, we can defend ourselves. You know, so screw you! What do you think Putin is thinking of all of this?

(playing of spoof song, “Come Back Barry — When You Grow Some”)

RUSH: Vladimir Putin in the recording studio just last night, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t know what’s more hilarious, that song or Obama saying that Putin just annexed another country out of weakness. Anyway, I’m not gonna believe that Obama is seriously angry at Putin or any of these other top Russian officials that we’re sanctioning until Obama unfriends them on Facebook. Then we’ll know he’s serious. If he takes that step, if he unfriends them on Facebook, then we know that it’s serious — or at least until he announces he’s not gonna do any more selfies with them.

And then he got on the plane and he headed on out.



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