Obama Hijacks Symbol of Liberty and Independence to Sell Tyranny

This is a pretty low blow.
Check it out:

Obama has been desperately pushing for enrollment in his signature legislation as he falls massively short of his 7 million-target number. In an effort to bolster enrollment numbers, his administration has even counted as enrollees individuals who created an account, but never formalized a transaction. In addition, there are also stories from people around the country who thought they had coverage, only to find out when they needed it that their enrollment was nowhere in anyone’s system. This series of unfortunate events were magnified when the story was revealed about a man in Las Vegas who is facing $407,000 in medical bills due to no coverage, even though he has paid his Obamacare premium since December.

Despite the reality of Obamacare, especially it being government imposed tyranny with a fine, or tax, on the people for non-compliance, Barack Obama has decided to attempt to hijack the symbol used in the fight for liberty and independence, dating back to when Christopher Gadsden designed It during the American Revolution, to push his massive government intrusion into the lives of every American. Of course, who else would help push such propaganda than Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.



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