Obama: Give Up Your Cell Phone and Cable TV to Buy Health Care

This will mean liberals will want to take over and pay for phones and TV too.
Check it out:

Now, aside from the obvious, folks, what’s wrong with that? So here’s a guy, 36 grand a year, the cheapest premium he could find is $316 a month. He can’t afford it. So Obama says, “Well, look at your budget, cable bill, telephone, cell phone bill, you’re just not prioritizing things right.” Hey, Mr. President, you may have forgotten, it’s not a matter of priority. This man has to have it or he’s in violation of your stupid law. He has been mandated by the Supreme Court and you and everybody else that he’s got to have this. It isn’t a matter of choice. His cell phone is. His cable TV bill is. But your health care bill is not. He has to have it or he is committing a crime, punishable with a fine and maybe imprisonment if he goes long enough without it.

It’s not a matter of questioning the budget and making adjustments and changing priorities. It’s a matter of no choice whatsoever. But this is the first time that I have heard Obama blame people for selfishness, for greed, and for not having their minds right. And he did it at the Newseum last Thursday with a Spanish-language audience, Latinos. I would love to hear him say that in front of one of his average, everyday college student crowds. I would love for him to say (imitating Obama), “Maybe you ought to look at your bill and your budget. And maybe you don’t need that cell phone. Maybe you don’t need cable TV. Maybe you don’t need Netflix. You just got your priorities wrong. You know what? You need health care. You don’t want to pay for it ’til you need it. We can’t run the country that way.”

I hope he slips up and says this to an English-language audience somewhere down the line because I can tell you right now the Drive-Bys are not going to report this. This is the first time that I can recall Obama has not been empathetic. He got angry and blamed the citizen, blamed the victim for not being properly devotional to him and his health care law. So, once again, here’s Obama opening up the truth. You don’t know how to live your life right. I’m going to make you. You don’t know what’s best for you. You don’t know what’s important. And, since you don’t, we have to force you to do the things that are important because we do know what’s best for you.



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