Obama Doesn’t Want to Stop Spying, He Just Wants to Blame the GOP for It

Does anyone still believe Obama when he says such things?
Check it out:

So Obama then gets to run around, “Hey, I’m trying to protect your privacy. I am trying to stop the spying on you, but those Republicans, they want to keep spying on you, I guess.” That’s what he set up. I don’t know that. That’s just the modus operandi. That’s how Obama does things. It’s how the Democrat Party does things, is try to blame it all on the Republicans. It’s rooted in the belief that the Republicans will stand on principle, now and then, such as an instance like this of protecting the country, national security and all that.

It would be fascinating if they did kind of call his bluff and go along about it, ’cause there would be hell to pay. His national security team would not put up with this. I’ll tell you something. Chuck here is right. The last thing Obama’s gonna do is end this program. He doesn’t want it stopped. He just wants the Republicans blamed for keeping it around. So Chuck, I’m glad you called. I really appreciate it. Thanks for your nice compliments as well. (Interruption) What? Yes. When Obama ran the first time, he was hostile to Bush about spying. Right. Of course it was. Obama hostile? Snerdley, you mean to tell me when Obama was running against Bush and ripping Bush and all that for all these warrantless wiretaps, just totally made up. It was totally pandering to people.

Look at what’s happened. Is Gitmo closed or is it open? Have renditions stopped or not? They haven’t. Are we still spying on people? Are we still collecting all this phone — yes, we are. At record levels. It hasn’t been cut back any. He just said that. But it’s like the Limbaugh Theorem, Mr. Snerdley. It’s always somebody else that’s preventing him from accomplishing what he promises to do. He’s gonna create jobs, but, damn it, these Republicans won’t raise the minimum wage, damn Koch brothers. He wants to get people back to work, but small-business people are so greedy that they won’t pay anybody. (interruption) Well, next question is, “So it’s not like they’re campaigning and all that, then they get there and find out how different it really is and how much power they have.”

Given that Obama is an Alinskyite, I think he’s had designs on what he was gonna do long before he got there and long before he found whatever he discovered there. And I think, to him, being president means unlimited power. I don’t think it’s something he discovered that he had access to. I think that’s one of the reasons he ran. I don’t think he discovered anything he didn’t know, except the economy. He did find out that Bush didn’t tell him the truth about how bad the economy was. Remember that? (impersonating Obama) “They didn’t tell us how bad it was, and that’s why my stimulus plan hasn’t really worked yet ’cause it turns out it wasn’t enough, ’cause they didn’t tell me. They kept it secret how bad it really was.” You’ve heard that three or four times, too.



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