Obama Demeans the Presidency to Depress Us

Obama is such a joke.
Check it out:

Obama was on a Web comedy show. The show is called Between Two Ferns, and what it is, it’s an Internet talk show. It is hosted by a comedian by the name of Zach Galifianakis. It’s a parody of talk shows and essentially what it does is it gets A-list guests in there and roasts them in the form of an interview. It strips away all the pomposity and it is these people being treated — I don’t know why do it, but they show up and they get mocked and laughed at and insulted, and Obama showed up at this thing. Obama was a guest.

Now, if you wonder why people are losing respect for the president — and I think people are. I think what’s happening here is actually devastating to the office, and it began with Bill Clinton. It began with Bill Clinton. There was an arrest and a restoration when George W. Bush was there, but the office of the presidency has taken a big hit dignity-wise. And with Obama constantly on TV and constantly campaigning and making jokes and yuk yuks about inconsequential things, but doing it to build a bond between himself and the lowest-common-denominator voters, the low-information voters, it’s an unseemly, sad thing.

So he shows up on this show called Funny or Die. Funny or Die is the website. The show is Between Two Ferns. I have a couple sound bites from this show that I guess came from this morning. Now, this is a guy who doesn’t have time for national security meetings. He doesn’t have time to get a briefing from a CIA guy, doesn’t have time for all that, but he’ll go do something like this. This is a six-minute skit, and like every other guest, he gets insulted by the host. It’s a parody, it’s a joke, everybody’s in on it, you know what’s gonna happen when you show up. Nobody’s blindsided.



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