Obama Can’t Spell “Respect”

Can’t spell it, doesn’t have it, doesn’t deserve it.
Check it out:

Last night in the White House during the Women of Soul event, while there is war brewing in the Ukraine, and while people are continually losing their jobs and losing their health care, and people economically are at their wits’ end, which is another thing the media hasn’t reported, much less the truth about the Lois Lerner IRS situation. Do you know in five years the media has never really done a story or series of stories on people suffering economic hardship? Not one. That’s just not gonna happen. They’re not gonna blame Obama. In fact, if Obama says the economy’s coming back and creating jobs, stimulus worked, that’s what they’re gonna report.

There has not been a story or series of stories on people suffering, joblessness. In fact, we’re not only not getting that, we’re being told it’s great to lose your job. Yes, funemployment was the first thing they coined shortly after Obama was immaculated, funemployment. Yeah, lose your job and reconnect with your family. Lose your job and find what is important to you. Now lose your job and be liberated and discover the inner painter that is in you, or the inner poet that is in you. And we, the government, have made it possible for you to not have to work in order to get health care. So now you’re not locked in to a job you hate. You don’t have job lock anymore. You don’t have a job, but you’ve got health care. We have liberated you.

That’s the kind of insulting pap that we’ve got. The economy, job circumstance, situation, it’s just a disaster, and it is worsening. The debt is worsening, the number of people thinking the government should provide for them is growing, and yet the Regime is partying on. Moochelle out vacationing, Obama. The Politico, another story today about, oh, my God, he’s gonna have to delay his vacation because of the Ukraine situation. Oh no, our poor president, oh, no. They’re really sad at The Politico. So they’re partying on at the White House last night during the Women of Soul event, and President Obama said this about the singer Aretha Franklin.



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