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Dr. Vivek Murthy’s nomination to be U.S. surgeon general was already troubled by his lack of experience or professional accomplishment. But President Obama’s pick to be America’s top doctor faces a new hurdle now that the National Rifle Association openly opposes Murthy due to his zealous opposition to gun rights, calling it a “public health” issue.

British-born Murthy received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard and his medical degree from Yale. At age 36, he has only been a fully licensed physician (i.e., an attending physician) for eight years. While surgeons general are typically chosen from among doctors who have run a countywide system or were the chief medical officer or other top executive of a hospital, Murthy has never even been a department head within a hospital.

Why did Obama ever nominate someone who is so young that he has not had time to build a distinguished medical career? Surgeon general appointments are for great doctors, not those who show promise of one day becoming great.

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