Moviegoers Flock to ‘Noah’… But Hate It

Maybe this will teach people to stick to the actual bible story when doing a faith movie.
Check it out:

Director Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” is on pace to outperform this weekend with a $40 -$45 million haul at the box office, but moviegoers are giving Russell Crowe’s epic a deadly CinemaScore rating of C. Deadline Hollywood called that “very bad news for word of mouth and next weekend’s drop.”

For some perspective, studios get nervous when a film only scores a B.

Critics overall gave “Noah” a 76% Fresh Rating over at Rotten Tomatoes but the Tomatoes’ audience score is a withering 57%.
Next weekend “Noah” will not only have to deal with deadly word-of-mouth but also the Captain America sequel, which is wowing critics and audiences alike with scores unlike anything since the first Avengers movie.

My thoughts on “Noah” were divided. Overall, the film is a sinister piece of anti-religious filmmaking that is obviously meant to lead people away from God. Admitted atheist Aronofsky intentionally tries to fool people into believing God wiped out humanity for their wickedness and evil, but only as it pertains to how man treats the environment. Moral and sexual degradation have no part in the equation.



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