Mother Furious After Being Arrested For Consoling Son

Another reason not to have your kids in government schools.
Check it out:

A mother trying to pick her special needs son up from school winds up in handcuffs and puts the school on lockdown.

The furious mother came to News 4 claiming the school handled things all wrong.

The incident took place at Walnut Groves Elementary School on Thursday when the mother came to help her son.

“I was lying in bed when I received a frantic phone call from the teacher, Michael was panicking,” said Niakea Williams.

Michael is Williams’ son and he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome.

After getting the call, Williams came up the Ferguson – Florissant school where she was buzzed in by school officials.

“I saw a teacher and she said Ms. Williams what is wrong? I said something is wrong with Mikey and proceeded to go straight to my son,” said Williams.

She got to her son’s classroom and immediately started to console him. Then the school principal informed her she was violated school policy by not signing in.



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