Mom removes memorial highway cross for son killed in accident after atheists complain

Atheists can be so rude. Why does it matter to them?
Check it out:

A long-running dispute in southern California has been resolved at last. An atheist rights group has won, and a grieving mother has lost. Compassion and tolerance, supposedly much prized by liberals, were also casualties of the ruling.

NBC 4 quotes the mother, Ann Marie Devaney, as saying amid a veil of tears, “It’s like I’m losing my son again.”

Devaney lost herself the first time in May 2012, when 19-year-old Anthony Devaney was struck and killed by an SUV as he crossed a street in Lake Elsinore. In the months that followed, his mom erected a pair of white crosses on the side of the road where Anthony died, both to memorialize a child taken from her too early and to remind motorists that defensive driving saves lives.



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