Michelle Obama Tells the ChiComs How America Used to Discriminate Against People Like Her and Her Husband

Please. She has zero clue what discrimination is. The Obamas have used the system to walk into the White House without any experience.
Check it out:

Did you see Moochelle Obama is over visiting with the ChiComs. She took her mother and the two daughters, and they’re over visiting the ChiComs. She told a ChiCom audience that not long ago, that there were actually laws in America that allowed discrimination against black people like her and her husband. She mentioned that to the ChiCom audience.

Now, I wonder, I really wonder if Michelle Obama knows that you can’t even move from the country into a city in China unless you have a permit and that getting a permit is dependent on many things which are discriminatory. I wonder if she even knows that. You need, for example, an internal passport. The ChiCom population’s so big, they have internal passports. And you can’t get one of those unless you are connected to somebody high up in the ChiCom party.

I wonder also if Michelle Obama even knows that every single one of these laws that discriminated against blacks like her and her husband were written, enacted, and enforced by Democrats. Every damn one of them, and I will bet you that she doesn’t know that. But she was making these comments ostensibly in a speech about how far America has come and how great America is and all that. She’s making the point, why, to show you how far we’ve come, why, it wasn’t that long ago that America actually had laws that (summarizing) “allowed discrimination against black people like me and my husband.”

Once again, it’s just more of the same. The Obamas spreading out all over the world, heralding what has been wrong about this country, what the native inherent faults have been and essentially apologizing in one way or another.



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