Memo to the GOP: A Vast Majority — Including Hispanics — Opposes Obamacare

Even liberals are starting to turn against ObamaCare.
Check it out:

Obamacare, Daily Caller: “Fifty-seven percent of Hispanics in the state of Colorado disapprove of Obamacare, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling. Hispanic disapproval of President Obama’s health care reform law topped white disapproval by five points. Only 36 percent of Hispanics in the state approve of Obamacare.”

You’re saying, so what? So what? The Republican Party either believes or has been made to believe that they’re gonna have to pander — and let’s just call it what it is — to Hispanics, largely on immigration and amnesty, if they are to ever win anything significant again. Cannot win without the Hispanic vote, at least getting a larger percentage of it than they are. And the Hispanics love Obama, and they love the Democrat Party, and so we’re gonna have to move into the area of their own turf and areas they like.

As you know, the Republican Party’s stated opposition to Obamacare is kind of tepid. They want you to think that they’re opposed to it, but when time comes to actually do something about it there’s very little action behind it. My point, Obamacare has never been supported by a majority of the American people. When it was being debated, you might have had a majority of Democrats that were in favor of it, obviously, but nationwide Obamacare has never had majority support across the spectrum of the population. We’re being governed, and ever since this guy was elected, and nominated, we have been governed by a minority, a liberal minority.

And even population groups who look at the government Santa Claus don’t like this, because it is negatively impacting everybody. We don’t know how many people have signed up. The people that have signed up don’t know what they’ve signed up for. They don’t know whether their payments have been processed. It’s just an absolute disaster. If you drill down deep into the numbers the Regime has admitted, we may actually have a grand total of one million people who have signed up for Obamacare who did not have health insurance. And, remember, we were all told that the reason we had to redo the health care system was ’cause we had 30 million or 46 million uninsured. It just wasn’t right, in a country as big and wealthy as ours, it was not fair, it was unequal. We had to do something about it. So Obamacare was gonna fix it and one million people that didn’t have it now have it, for all of this.



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