March Madness: White House Pushes ObamaCare Through NCAA Tournament

Wait til Obama hears he can win a billion with a perfect bracket. Want to have a Conservative Byte pool? Might be fun:

Conservative Byte Bracket

Check it out:

The NCAA basketball tournament is wildly popular. ObamaCare isn’t. So to boost interest in the latter the White House will hitch its star to the former. Can we get a Supreme Court ruling on the separation of sport and state, please?

The basketball-ObamaCare promotional assault starts Monday when the White House releases its “16 Sweetest Reasons to Get Covered,” a play on the tournament’s Sweet 16 round. A video, featuring the president and two as-yet unnamed college coaches, will accompany the “16 Sweetest Reasons…” On Wednesday, the president commandeers ESPN to unveil his bracket and unleash a pitch for viewers to sign up for health insurance through the government exchanges.

Last year, the president’s bracket attracted nearly 300,000 views on Though Barack Obama’s bracket winner Indiana fell to Syracuse in the Sweet 16, the Basketballer-in-Chief’s predictions became one of the more popular entries on the White House website. The administration’s communications team hopes this year’s views for the presidential bracket translate into ObamaCare sign-ups, thus the full-court, Billy Donovan-style pressure defense.



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