Between stolen passports, course changes, and reappearing and disappearing from radar, you can be sure something else is going on here. Will we ever know the truth?
Check it out:

Tom Phillips, our correspondent in Kuala Lumpur, says villagers from near Marang, on Malaysia’s eastern coast, told police they had heard a “loud and frightening noise” at around 1.20am on Saturday morning.

Alias Salleh, a 36-year-old lorry driver told Malaysia’s The Sun Daily, he and friends had run towards the source of the noise, “but did not see anything unusual”.

The noise sounded like “the fan of a jet engine,” Mr Salleh added.

Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusof, a 34-year-old villager, said: “My friends and I heard the ringing noise for about two minutes.”

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