Liberals Replace Choices with Mandates

What drives me nuts is how they lie about how these vaccines can’t make you sick. The flu shot gives me the flu. They sit there and say this is impossible, but google it and you’ll see I’m not the only one.
Check it out:

You know, vaccines happens to be your cause, but it’s happening to everybody’s freedom in virtually every walk of life. New York City or the LA City Council, I forget which, one of the two, just banned e-cigarettes. It’s water vapor! They just banned them. They just made them illegal to use in public. It’s water vapor. There’s not one element of tobacco, there’s not one carcinogen in these things. And because it looks like cigarettes, and it “glorifies” it.

So whether it’s vaccines or whatever, Jessica, I hate to say this is probably not answer you’re looking for. This is what you get when you get liberals who think they know better, who think you don’t know how to raise your kids and who think everybody should have to follow their dictates in order for us to have a uniform society and a uniform culture. And I just wish more people would see this and learn from it andbe able to identify who these kinds of people are before they go vote.

You know, folks, if you just stop and think about it… You don’t have to think about it. You know it’s happening, which is why you’re so agitated. Choice is being taken away in big gulps. Look at the choices you no longer have in health care alone. You used to have massive amounts of choice in any number of walks of life, and they’re evaporating left and right in favor of mandated controls from the government.



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