Liberals to Make “Homosexual” a Dirty Word

Liberals are all about feelings and have zero substance.
Check it out:

Remember the name George Lakoff (rhymes with)? Well, he’s back. George Lakoff is a professor of “cognitive science and linguistics” at the University of California, Berkeley. Here’s what that means, for you low-information people. A professor of “cognitive science and linguistics” means that he sits around and thinks about words all day and how to use words in order to be the most persuasive to advance the liberal cause.

And then he sends the results of his thinking to leaders of the Democrat Party, who then take his data and poll test it and focus group it to see if he’s right. Because it’s all about a mirage with these people. It’s all about image. Liberalism has to exist as far from reality as they can and still maintain credibility while trying to persuade people to join them.

Liberalism cannot be full-fledged honest and grow its ranks. So a guy like Lakoff, who specializes in words that fool people, is one of their gurus. Lakoff. The latest results of George Lakoff (rhymes with) research is that the word “homosexual” is a bad word. Gay people do not like “homosexual.” It irritates them; they don’t like the word when it is used.

He has looked at the way the term is used by those who try to portray gays and lesbians as deviant, and he has concluded that people who disapprove of homosexuality will use the word “homosexual” instead of the word “gay,” because he has determined that homosexuals don’t like the word “homosexual.” They think they’re being criticized when that word is used, which goes to my point here.

“Gay” is a word stolen from the language.

“Homosexual” has a specific meaning, but we can’t use it.

And it’s exactly what a guy like Lakoff does.

Okay, take away a word that has a specific meaning. “Marriage.” Oh, no! No, no! Marriage, a man and a woman? No, no, no. No, no. “Marriage,” we gotta redefine that now. So Lakoff “has looked at the way the term [homosexual] is used by those who try to portray gays and lesbians as deviant. What is most telling about substituting it for gay or lesbian are the images that homosexual tends to activate in the brain, he said. ‘Gay doesn’t use the word sex,’ he said.”



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