Lessons on Climate Change for the Republican Establishment

Always remember that the solar system has been going through changes.
Check it out:

You know, I did want to spend just a couple of more minutes on this Florida special election. There are abundant lessons here for the Republican establishment to learn, a bunch of things to glean here that would help them going forward. Reviewing the campaign is one of the best ways, I think, to impart some of the lessons.

One of the other factors, independents, the precious — oh, we love them so much — independents made up 25% of the votes. Jolly won those, too. The Republican won the independents, and that’s what the consultants say you have to do. This is a moderate district, lot of snowbirds, a lot of transplanted moderates, liberals from the Northeast have moved and live there. That’s why the Democrats thought that their global warming spiel would work to counter the negatives of Obamacare.

You know what else? David Jolly was a lobbyist for offshore drilling. I mean, you can’t be a bigger target than that for a Democrat campaign. My God, this is everything. A lobbyist for offshore drilling! And not the Ted Kennedy kind. This is oil drilling that he’s a lobbyist for. Now, in the conventional wisdom playbook, that’s supposed to be a death warrant in a political campaign, and he didn’t lose. There was an anti-David Jolly editorial back in January, Tampa Bay Times. ” Both Jolly, a Republican candidate for US House District 13, and Lucas Overby, his Libertarian opponent, are refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming scientific evidence that humans have had an extensive impact on climate change and by extension, rising tides in Pinellas County and elsewhere.”

So, I mean, they laid it on full bore. That is just journalistic malpractice. Well, it’s an editorial, but whoever wrote it is a full-fledged idiot. Okay, so Jolly and the Libertarian refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming scientific evidence that humans have had. There is no such evidence!



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