Kerry urges Russia to return ‘troops to the barracks’

Obama has turned us into pawns in this game of chess. And when not properly used, pawns tend to not get much attention.
Check it out:

Secretary of State John Kerry, on the ground in Kiev during a hastily arranged visit to Ukraine, urged Russia to “return its troops to the barracks” and vowed to “stand with the people of Ukraine” if Moscow will not back down.

After the Obama administration announced a $1 billion loan guarantee for Ukraine while suspending military and other ties with Russia, Kerry said Tuesday that the U.S. is preparing with its allies to take “further steps” to “isolate” Russia.

Like other U.S. officials, he did not threaten military action, but warned that Russia would be shunned “politically, diplomatically and economically” if it does not “de-escalate” in Ukraine.

“We are not seeking confrontation,” Kerry said.



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