A Jolly good win, but a cautionary note!

By Jerald Taylor

David Jolly won the FL district 13 special election tonight, reportedly by 48.6% to 46.7% with the libertarian candidate receiving 4.8% of the vote. Most of us recognize that the republican would get those libertarian votes, if they chose to vote in a two party election. Notice the libertarian vote was well more than twice the difference between the two candidates. What if he got only two % more?

I am at heart pretty much a pragmatic libertarian. Well maybe not quite all the way over to wishing for Ron Paul, but certainly way far to the right of Mitt Romney.

Now, the next two elections could be as important as any in the last hundred years. They could change our energy policy and economic posture, leading to a much more robust job market and improvement in our balance of payments. Hopefully it would also result in a drastic reduction in our federal deficit.

If you are a libertarian at heart, please hold your nose then support and vote for the conservative candidate who has the realistic best chance to win in the next two national elections. As little as some of you may think of Mitt Romney, would you not prefer him to what we have?



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