What “Income Inequality” Really Means

Liberals want to control things, not fix things.
Check it out:

Let me, as usual, as a student of words, cut to the chase on income inequality. If you want to know what it really is, it’s nothing more than this. Income inequality is income redistribution from those who work for a living to those who vote for a living. That’s all. If you work for a living, Obama’s gonna take your money. He’s gonna give it to people who vote for a living. Plain and simple. Class warfare exploited to the max.

And the reason for this — and this is true not just of today’s younger generations and Millennials, but throughout history. Young people are into equality. Everybody being treated fairly. Everybody having equal opportunity and equal outcomes and nobody being treated unequally, and so forth. So the magic word in this thing is inequality. You can put anything in front of it, and it’s designed to appeal to idealists.

But it’s a flat-out straight appeal to low-information people. And I’ll tell you, it’s infuriating to me ’cause we have a political party that’s attempting to expand the number of low-information people and have that cohort be the dominate voting cohort in this country so that everything that happens in this country is a result of the preferences of the low-information crowd.

We have a political party that is seeking the lowest common denominator they can find to find supposed common ground. The bottom line is the Democrats have no more in common with poor people than the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers probably have much more in common with poor people than Obama does. For a host of reasons.



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