History Educator Nails It: Liberals Teach Feelings, Not Truth

Liberals are all about feelings of the moment.
Check it out:

You almost have to go back to the founding to find challenges like this, in truth. And that’s what’s under attack, is the founding. That’s exactly right. That’s why this is so maddening, because when you strip it all away, when you get past issue by issue by issue what Obama and the Democrats, what their ultimate aim is to re-found the country based on what they think was wrong with the original founding. That’s the objective. That’s as simple as I can put it. It is the founding of this country that’s under attack. The way it was put together, why it even came into existence.

And, by the way, I have a long piece here. I may have to put this off until tomorrow. It’s from Business Insider, and it is the result of massive research. And the conclusion is that Millennials are deeply confused about everything. Of course they’re confused. They’ve been through 12 years of public education in its worst era in history. They’ve been through four years of college in its worst era. They have been the recipients of this attack on the founding. Gosh knows what they’ve picked up in that confused mess called education in America. Who knows what they came out expecting, thinking.

Their parents, the Baby Boomers, among the most screwed-up people that you could ever hope to find. They’re the most self-centered, self-focused generation ’cause they had to so easy. We had it so easy. I’m a Baby Boomer. I’ll throw myself in the mix. There are a lot of stories out there about this poll and this survey, and most of ’em like to point out how the results simply show that they’re all liberals and are never gonna be conservatives, but I don’t think that’s it. They’re confused. And if somebody could come along with the right answers for ’em, bingo. And that’s what we’re here for.



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