Have you heard this theory on what happened to Malaysian Airlines 370?

Some interesting groups that you have heard nothing about.
Check it out:

Sexton said the group has engaged in horrific attacks in the past, including killing at least 29 people and wounding 143 with knives and daggers at a train station in China earlier this month.They have also made at least two attempts to either bomb or hijack an airliner in the past, though neither was successful.

Furthermore, Uighur leader Abdullah Mansour, who heads the rebel Turkestan Islamic Party, recently described China as the “enemy of all Muslims” and said “we have plans for many attacks in China.”

Sexton explained that Chinese nationals are “not usually high on the target list for Al Qaeda,” but they certainly are for a group like the East Turkestan Liberation Movement. He added that there was one known Uighur on the missing plane.

So, was a member of East Turkestan Liberation Movement responsible for hijacking the plane? Glenn asked Buck, if someone put a gun to his head and asked him what he thinks happened, what would he say?

“If I was forced right now…the highest likelihood here, it involves the pilot’s, and tragically everyone lost their lives. But if we’re going to look at terrorism it has to make sense from the perspective of the terrorist, and this has to be directed at either the Malaysian government or China based on the passenger manifest. And then you cut out a lot of options there. You cut out the majority of jihadist networks operating around the globe,” Buck said.



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