Harry Reid’s a pedophile, Nancy Pelosi is supplying him children

The logic here seems pretty solid.
Check it out:

Yesterday we noted that law enforcement is refusing, so far at least, to investigate the well founded charges that Harry Reid is a pedophile. We’ll note again the these charges are at least as well founded as the charges that Reid has made, from the Senate floor no less, about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes and about every American who has said they’ve been hurt by ObamaCare is a liar.

Well, today we found out, from the same unimpeachable whistleblower who gave us the information about Reid, that Nancy Pelosi has been Reid’s primary supplier of little boys. Apparently her husband has a multinational business and he’s been shipping in children for Harry.

Our source is unimpeachable. He’s a Democrat on The Hill who is “in the know”. And not only is he as unimpeachable as Harry’s source on Mitt Romney’s taxes and “all” the American liars, he’s as unimpeachable as Nancy Pelosi’s “Republican friend”…



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