Hang in There, Tea Partiers

When an establishment candidate wins we’re supposed to support them. When a TEA party candidate wins the establishment just goes on about how they can’t win, basically helping them loose. I really get tired of the hypocrisy.
Check it out:

You’re a threat, man. You have to understand. You are a threat to what they want and what they believe. The Tea Party people are the salt of the earth. The Tea Party is the backbone of this country. I categorize them as the people who make the country work. You’re not seeking fame or notoriety. You’re not vomiting everything about yourself on Facebook or Twitter.

You’re doing your best to raise your family and behave right and do all that, and you’re working, trying as hard as you can to overcome the odds of life — and you see your government out of control, and for the first time ever in your lives, you organize, you start going to these Tea Party rallies, and the left doesn’t know what to do about it because it’s brand-new. It’s not tied to any other party. There is no singular leader that they can demonize and destroy.

So they created Occupy Wall Street as the counter. They literally manufactured a protest group made up — I mean, just human debris, these people were. They were organizing in these rotgut manners, ways. They were just filthy and so forth. And they became media darlings. These people, in Occupy Wall Street, Steven, were the kind of people the media was describing you Tea Partiers as being, and they became instant heroes. They became just the most wonderful people, protesting Wall Street, demanding fairness, and they were totally manufactured. They were totally created by the Democrats to counter the Tea Party. And I know how frustrating it is for you.

I know exactly what you’re talking about. You’re out there, you live in Gainesville, Florida. You’re a nice guy. You don’t harm anybody. You don’t intend harm on anybody. You don’t hate anybody. All you want is for your country to be the best it can be because of your kids and your own future. You want the land of opportunity and the American dream to prosper and survive, and you see a bunch of people that are getting in the way of it, and you want to stop it, and you become villains, and they start making up all of these horrible things about you and other people in the group, the furthest thing from what you really are. And I know how frustrating it is that nobody speaks up for you. The Republican Party themselves has people trying to wipe you out because you threaten them.



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