Gear Test: Brad Thor Alpha Jacket takes concealed carry to the next level

I find my front pocket works really well. Where do you put yours?
Check it out:

When I found out Brad Thor had designed a concealed carry jacket, I was intrigued. I figured it was just another jacket hurried to market to take advantage of his popularity, knowing that Brad’s name sells. So with unbridled skepticism, I went to his website to check out the product.

When you’re a successful author of suspense novels and you decide you want to be a concealed-carry garment designer, you better get your gear right — the gun community can be an unforgiving bunch. Putting your name on the jacket is even riskier, since it can label you as a maker of junk for the rest of your career.

I’m the guy that used to test products for the NRA and determine if they were good enough to bear the NRA label and be marketed to NRA members. Let me assure you that there is no tougher audience than NRA members and if you make claims that the product won’t support they will call you out with a barrage of four letter words. That means this test is written for people that work hard for their money and don’t have any extra cash laying around. More importantly, the product has to work correctly.




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