Gay Hairdresser Refuses Service to NM Gov

Here I thought you couldn’t deny based on beliefs. I guess it is ok when it is liberal beliefs.
Check it out:

Have you heard about this? New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican, she needs a new hairdresser. Her hairstylist is gay, and her hairstylist has refused to do her hair anymore because Susana Martinez is opposed to gay marriage. No, no, no, wait a minute, now.
What just happened in Arizona? There was a religious freedom law that didn’t once mention homosexuality or any of that or gay marriage or any of that. It was portrayed as an anti-gay piece of legislation, when it wasn’t. I don’t want to rehash that.

Here is the exact opposite. This guy’s a hairstylist named Antonio Darden, he’s gay, and it’s totally fine for him to refuse to do the governor’s hair. Totally fine. Now, imagine if she, already opposed to gay marriage, finds out her hairdresser is gay and refuses, can you imagine the absolute hell that would break out over that? So it’s a one-way street here. If this were in Arizona, the way this would work out is that the gay couple would walk out of the bakery when they learned that the baker would not bake ’em a cake, instead of what happened there. But it’s perfectly fine for this guy to refuse to continue doing her hair because she’s obviously a bigot and a homophobe, and all that.



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