Flight 370’s path diverted through computer system

This is just getting crazy.
Check it out:

The Chinese ambassador to Malaysia announced Tuesday that China has launched a new search effort in its territory for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight amid growing uncertainty about when a key communications system was disabled on the Boeing 777.

Reports by Chinese media quoted the ambassador, Huang Huikang, as saying search operations were taking place inside China along the northern route investigators believe the plane may have traveled, The Wall Street Journal reported. Details on the search were not immediately available.

“Factors involved in the incident continue to multiply, the area of search-and-rescue continues to broaden, and the level of difficulty increases, but as long as there is one thread of hope, we will continue an all-out effort,” China Premier Li Keqiang said.

The search for Flight 370, which vanished early March 8 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board, has now been expanded deep into the northern and southern hemispheres. Australian vessels scoured the southern Indian Ocean and China offered 21 of its satellites to help Malaysia in the unprecedented hunt, but no trace of the plane has been found.



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