First Lady’s Food Dictates Force Gay White House Pastry Chef Out of a Job

This is hilarious. You’d think he’d be safe in liberal land!
Check it out:

The White House pastry chef has been forced out. The White House pastry chef! This is an outrage. The White House pastry chef has resigned. He was forced out, and he’s doing it because he needs to defend cream, butter, sugar, and eggs, because nobody else will.

He is gay, he is married, and Michelle Obama still told him: I don’t care what you’re good at. You’re not gonna use butter in the White House, and you’re not gonna use cream, and you’re not gonna use sugar, and you’re not gonna use eggs. So this guy had to come up with fruit puree as a sugar substitute in his baked goods, and he finally threw up his hands and said, “To heck with it. I’m outta here.” They’ll hire another chef that will do what Michelle wants.

But here’s the point of this, though: I happened to mention this to a couple of people and their reaction was, “Well, wait a minute. Okay, she doesn’t want to eat it but there are a lot of people in the White House that may not have a problem.” I said, “That doesn’t matter. They are going to eat what Michelle tells them to eat.” And that is the point. And it’s not just people in the White House.

Your kids are being forced to eat what Michelle is telling them to eat in the school lunch program. And many of you know the kids are saying, “To hell with what Michelle wants.” And they’re sneaking around eating what they want to eat. It’s fine and dandy if Michelle Obama does not want to eat cream, butter, sugar, and eggs. But because she doesn’t, nobody’s going to. She knows better than everybody else.



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