May the most conservative win.
Check it out:

A conservative giant in Washington, D.C., has written a brand-new book that certainly won’t increase his chances of getting invited to cocktail parties inside the Beltway.

Known as the “funding father of conservatism,” Richard Viguerie’s “Takeover: The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It” takes sides in what he describes as a century-old war for the soul of the Republican Party.

Set to be published on April 8 by WND Books, it offers a blueprint for how liberty-loving, small government conservatives can win the battle against big-government Republicans.

“Every day you read another story about [how] a candidate for the tea party has embraced becoming the target of the entrenched Republican Party leadership and mindset, and I believe my book offers a practical outline for how principled conservatives can make the stand to finally win this fight,” Viguerie told WND.

In “Takeover,” Viguerie – who in the 1960s and ’1970s pioneered the use of direct mail as a means for conservatives to bypass the liberal media – dares to name names when discussing the big-government Republicans waging the war on the tea party movement and other advocates of limited government.

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