The Dwindling Freedom of the Press

Even the liberal press sees what tyranny is like.

Check it out:

You never get it back, exactly. See, here’s the thing that people — you can’t make ’em believe it, Scott, no matter what. They have to live it and experience it in their own way to believe it. We cannot, no matter how good we are, persuade low-information people that we are being governed by people who really don’t think this is the greatest place on earth and wouldn’t be unhappy if they could undermine it. You just can’t convince people of that. They have to experience it themselves, be it with Obamacare or whatever else.

Now, let me add my other ingredient, an observation. It’s a Drudge observation. It hit him the other day that there is no investigative journalism going on, absolutely none. It used to be the reason that journalists became journalists. Investigate people, find powerful people and hold ’em accountable, destroy them, if you can, whatever. You know, 60 Minutes, Woodward and Bernstein, investigative journalism. You walk down the hall of any j-school, ask ’em why they’re there and they’ll say: “I want to make the world a better place,” or “I want to spread equality,” or “I want to do investigative journalism.” But that’s it. There isn’t any. Why?

The reason why is because the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, has made it clear that they will prosecute both the journalists and their sources. Now, you might say, “Well, nothing new. They did that to Judith Miller.” Judith Miller was at least doing investigative journalism on what was going on in Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. There isn’t any, and it’s not just that the media is treating Obama with kid gloves. The Snowden thing, look at that. There’s no investigative journalism at all, because they’re scared to death. The media’s scared to death of the DOJ going after them and their sources. So add that to everything else you mentioned and Obama is really succeeding at intimidating and distancing the media. So there really is no legitimate coverage of him.



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