Drudge Shines Light on Ignorant Media

Liberals would rather lie than try and understand.
Check it out:

I think the mainstream media is pig-ignorant of practically every discipline except party discipline. Now, here’s basically what happened. Matt Drudge is a self-employed small businessman.

As a result, Matt Drudge pays himself.

He does not have an employer. Therefore, he does not the get paychecks that contain all kinds of withholding for taxes and Medicare and FICA, Social Security, and whatever else. He has to pay all of his taxes separately and independently because they’re not deducted. As such, as a small businessman, Matt Drudge and millions of others just like him — including your harmless, lovable little fuzzball host — pay our taxes every quarter.

We have to pay what are called quarterly estimates. This is what Matt Drudge does, and it can get a little complicated. April 15th, the first payment is due. June the 15th, the second payment is due. September 15th, the third payment is due. And on January 15th of the next year, the fourth and final payment is due. Therefore, the first payment for the 2015 income tax year, Matt Drudge has to pay it on April the 15th, as does everybody else who files quarterly estimates.

This simple fact is something that the smartest (by reputation) mainstream media reporters simply cannot understand and cannot get their arms around. Matt Drudge sent out a tweet on Friday in which he said that his first quarterly estimate coming up in April he will be paying his Obamacare penalty for not having insurance. In his tweet, he called it “a liberty tax,” and the media jumped all over him!



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