Doctors’ Trade Union: ‘Ban Smoking For Everyone Born after Year 2000’

Liberal logic at work here. Tobacco is evil. Marijuana is great.
Check it out:

The British Medical Association (BMA), the trade union representing all National Health Service (NHS) doctors, has said that the sale of cigarettes should be banned “to anyone born after the year 2000”.

In a new policy position of the organisation which claims to lobby Parliament in its members’ interest, the BMA has stated that “humanity has never developed anything more deadly than the cigarette”.

Dr Crocker-Buqué, a “London research assistant in academic public health” reportedly told last week’s BMA annual public health medicine conference that eight in 10 smokers started in their teenage years and that someone who started smoking at 15 was more than three times more likely to die from smoking-related cancer than someone who started in their 20s.

But the BMA’s proposals have come under fire from campaigners who argue that smoking should be a choice. The Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking (FOREST) has said that the people get “a great dea of enjoyment” from smoking, and that it is “indisputable” that many smokers live “long and healthy lifestyles”.



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