Desperate Liberals Will Use Threat of Impeachment to Get Out the Vote

Liberals can see the writing on the wall. Too bad they didn’t see the writing in the bills they voted for.
Check it out:

This is the kind of thing they rely on that people will think. Republicans, even in this set of circumstances or atmosphere, they just can’t sit back. My point is there’s all kinds of ways to go on offense here with confidence and bravado and inspiration. You can also, after pointing out to this senator, “Oh, you’re saying you didn’t vote for it? Well, then why did you sit idly by while the president changed it all those times? In fact, why did you support the president while he changed it all those times?” And you could also ask the Democrat senator, “Well, then, why not change the law back? Why not change it back to what you voted for? But you don’t know what you voted for because you didn’t read it.”

They ought to be sitting ducks because frankly, folks, look, saying something like I’m gonna say is gonna end up depressing a lot of people, but I’m gonna say it anyway. For the life of me, and even considering everything, the ignorance of low-information people and all the presumptions that they carry around, I do not understand how Barack Obama is as high as 40. A president who has done what he’s done to our economy and has mucked up people’s health care, ought to be sitting at 10 to 15 or 20%. I’m gonna tell you something else. I gotta tell you this quick ’cause I gotta take a break. I ran into a story during show prep from a left-wing think tank blog site, and they have a tactic that they are preparing in the campaign. They are going to say that the Republicans’ real intention after they win the Senate and the House is impeaching Obama.

Now, you will not find… You can search every database in the world, and you will not find a single Republican saying one thing in support of Obama’s impeachment. But that doesn’t matter. I just want you to be aware, be forewarned, that the Democrats are preparing to start running fraudulent, lying commercials or saying it in campaigns.

“What your Republican candidate won’t tell you is, that his real intention after winning in November is to impeach the president!” They’re hoping to scare and keep the black vote up and keep the Hispanic vote up and keep the young people vote up, ’cause that’s all they’ve got, folks. They don’t have anything else. They can’t run on Obama. They can’t run on anything Obama’s done, ’cause he hasn’t done anything worth touting.

All they can do is negative, scare stuff.

When I saw this on this left-wing think tank’s blog, I said, “This makes perfect sense. They’re just gonna tell another lie about what the Republican’s real agenda is.” It’s like this stuff about the Koch brothers. In fact, it’ll probably be the Koch brothers who are responsible and pushing! “The Republicans won’t tell you ’cause they want to impeach our beloved president!” You wait. You wait and see if you don’t see this kind of thing.



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