Democrat Senators Put on Climate Talkathon for Campaign Cash

Thank goodness they figured out how to battle climate change in our solar system.
Check it out:

The Senate, the Democrats in the Senate, did an all-night talkathon on global warming. I have to tell you something, folks, and this kind of gives away why they’re doing it. Does anybody think that an all-night talkathon — don’t call it a filibuster, they said — on climate change or global warming is gonna get them a single vote? With everything else going on, I mean, you’ve got Democrats running away from Barack Obama as fast as they ever have run away from a Democrat president because of Obamacare. You’ve got Obama going on an Internet TV show making a pretty big fool of himself in trying to pitch Obamacare. The audio sound bites of this are coming up.

Is this not rich. Dianne Feinstein found out that congressional computers have been spied on, and she is livid. Yeah, it’s perfectly fine for the NSA to spy on everybody else but when the CIA or anybody else starts looking into her computers, then there’s gonna be hell to pay. But these people are doing this all-night talkathon in the Senate; they’ve got a bunch of fundraisers out there threatening to withhold money. There’s one guy, I forget his name, we talked about him a week or two ago. He’s a multi-billionaire financier of some kind, he was saying, “If you guys don’t get serious about this, I’m pulling my money.” That’s why they did it. It’s strictly for money.

Now, money being as important as it is, they may not get any additional votes per se from this, but the money that will not be taken away because they did this will of course come in useful for them in their campaigns. Tom Steyer, that’s right, that’s who the guy is. Tom Steyer, and he’s a wacko. He’s a legitimate ultra left-wing but filthy rich, if you can believe it, hedge fund wacko. Filthy rich. Hundred million dollars at a time, he gives to the Democrat Party. He threatened to withhold it if Obama and the Democrats didn’t start getting serious about climate change.



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