Customer with Gun Rescues Home Depot Security Guard from Syringe Attack

Another example of a good guy with a gun saving the day.
Check it out:

When a drug-addled man caught shoplifting at a Home Depot in Roseville, Ill., began violently resisting detainment Monday, a quick-thinking, gun-toting customer came to the rescue.

26-year-old Joshua Joseph Silva, an amateur thief and apparent drug abuser, wasn’t ready to go down without a fight, and he produced an atypical weapon to wage his battle: a dirty syringe.

After store security guards attempted to apprehend him, police say Silva began “whirling the syringe around in a swinging motion, and was able to stab one of guards [sic] several times with the contaminated needle,” according to CBS Detroit.

Luckily, a Home Depot shopper was packing concealed heat and, sensing the man was “getting the best of the guards,” pulled his weapon and trained it on Silva ordering him to “drop the syringe and get on the ground.”



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