Cruz Plays It Cool: ‘I Am Proud To Stand With Rand’

These two guys are going after the same voters.
Check it out:

Just as their first significant public conflict as 2016 frontrunners was starting to heat up, Ted Cruz has some nice things to say about his colleague Rand Paul.

“Rand Paul is a courageous voice for liberty, and I’m honored to call him my friend,” Cruz said in a written statement, adding that the two have agreed on the “vast majority of issues.”

Cruz was responding to Paul op-ed published at Breitbart that ripped Republicans for falsely claiming the mantle of Ronald Reagan to push their own bellicose foreign policy views.

The op-ed didn’t mention Cruz by name, but came days after Cruz positioned himself between as the Reagan choice on foreign policy while calling out Paul as the dovish left flank of the GOP.

Thursday, in a speech at the “Uninvited II” national security summit, Cruz said that while Sen. John McCain is on the hawkish right flank of the party on foreign policy, and Rand Paul is at the other, left flank of the party, he’s in the middle, championing a Reaganesque policy.



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