Convention of States Application Passes Alaska and Arizona Houses

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The good news keeps rolling in.

The Alaska House passed the Convention of States application on March 12 by a vote of 24-13.

Thanks to everyone in Alaska who wrote an email or made a call. Our team in Alaska has done a fantastic job, and we’re proud to work with such amazing patriots. (If you haven’t joined the team in your state, you can do so by signing up in the Action Center.)

Arizona House passed the Convention of States application (HCR 2027) on March 12 by a vote of 32-25.

“We can’t continue to tinker around the edges of the problem,” said Yale Wishnick, the state director for the Arizona Convention of States Project. “It’s time to support a real, effective means to stop the power-hungry federal government, and Arizona House representatives have done that today. By passing HCR 2027, we’re one step closer to halting the massive federal bureaucracy and allowing families and individuals the opportunity to control their own lives.”

If you want to stop the out of control federal government, this is the only way. Sign up here and add your name to those who care about freedom. Sign up here!



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