Clinton vs. Bush Again, Really?

If we nominate another RINO, Clinton wins for sure.
Check it out:

In 1776 Americans declared themselves independent of more than arbitrary rule by a distant monarch. They also severed the ties of aristocracy. This was in itself a revolutionary notion. It meant that political power and its attendant privilege and economic advantages would no longer be transferred by blood. Earldoms, dukedoms, and kingdoms were banished from the territory and from the future of the American people. Almost overnight, the citizen became the self-identifying unit of self rule.

Over time, indeed the passing of more than a century, the people of Britain, following their own path, without the total abolition of hereditary privilege, stripped this privilege of its political power. Today the Royal family continues to enjoy great wealth and a certain influence, but zero political power. The queen cannot start a war, raise taxes or, for that matter, even take sides in a political debate. She is the living embodiment of a heritage, a national community, a flag, and a country.

In recent years we in America have lived through a disturbing reversal of our concept of the citizen and our foundational rejection of the hereditary model. Despite the fact that we are more than three hundred million strong, when it comes to political power, we seem intent on reestablishing the old aristocracy dismissed and dissolved by our ancestors.



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