Christie Pitches Social Conservatives, Strong Foreign Policy and Pension Reform at CPAC

Who invited this RINO to a conservative convention?
Check it out:

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey came to CPAC with a message that drew attention to his pro-life convictions and his support for a forceful foreign policy rooted in a strong national defense. While Christie devoted the bulk of his talk to pension reforms that put him at odds with public employee unions, he made it clear that he identifies with social conservatives. Since he has already directly challenged some of the more libertarian elements of the movement, Christie was ambitious to carve out key constituencies who are more inclined toward cultural concerns. On foreign policy, Christie did not mention any specifics. But he indicated he would look to restore America’s international prestige.

“Others around the world struggling for freedom look to America as an example,” he said. Unfortunately, “dysfunction in Washington D.C. and a lack of leadership in the White House” have worked to undermine our nation’s best interests overseas, he added.



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