Can’t Keep Up with ObamaCare Delays!

Obama will just keep changing things in an effort to consolidate power and make himself look good.
Check it out:

I’ll tell you, I can’t keep up anymore. Obamacare is falling apart so fast. It is changing. It is deteriorating. It is just an absolute mess. It is impossible for anybody to keep up with this. The only thing that we know for sure is that the IRS is going to be collecting taxes on this no matter what else happens. I don’t care if they’re extending deadlines. I don’t care if they don’t know what the deadlines are. They don’t have a back end on the website. Do you know they don’t even have a back end yet?

Do you know that the website,, cannot even report to insurance companies yet? Without that, the insurance companies are not gonna get paid. Without that, this can’t happen. The back end of Obamacare hasn’t even been built yet, after all of this. That was the focus area last November when this thing went live and it was a mess and they said they’re gonna bring in the brightest wizards of smart in the tech field and get this thing all oiled and smooth and running. They haven’t even gotten to the back end yet. They don’t even know anywhere who’s enrolled and how many have paid because the website cannot report that information.

You might have gone to the website, logged on, and clicked “pay” or whatever the button is to check out, and you assume that the insurance company has a record. There’s no guarantee of that because the back end is not done. But this delay business, folks, I’m kind of surprised that this is news today, because last week at some point we made a big deal that this was coming.

These See, I Told You So’s, I know it’s tough. I’ll be honest with you. I was looking at some stuff in show prep today, ’cause when the news hit that Sebelius is gonna delay it I said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. She said that she didn’t have the right to delay it. She said she didn’t have statutory permission to delay it.” And then I remembered I had predicted they were gonna delay it, but even I, host of the show, didn’t remember specifically when I’d said what.



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