Big guns: Army soldiers to get powerful new Swedish-made tank-stopper

Once Obama hears about this he will put a stop to it since it is a gun.
Check it out:

The U.S. Army is bringing in the really, really big guns.

Regular units will soon be issued a Swedish-built “recoilless” rifle that can fire an 84-mm. projectile nearly a mile and has the power to take out a tank. The 15-pound guns, which soldiers hold just above the shoulder to fire, were previously only issued to Special Forces. But after soldiers in Afghanistan repeatedly complained that insurgents were wise to the limitations of their M-16 rifles, the Pentagon has decided to make the Swedish-made Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System (MAAWS)– or the M3 Carl Gustaf for short– standard issue.

“This weapon system is a game changer for the American warfighter,” John Belanger, a spokesperson for Saab, which manufactures the gun, told “Additionally, the M3 will provide our soldiers a cannon-caliber weapon that will reduce the dependence and cost associated to artillery and air support. Commanders now can deploy his units to any combat environment without overburdening his soldiers or need to trade lethality for portability.”



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