Beware: Democrats Can Run Against Obamacare

Liberals will say anything to retain power.
Check it out:

You know what the real answer is? If you are a Republican running in a race for the Senate against on an incumbent Democrat, and if that Democrat thinks the advice I’ve been giving or Celinda Lake has been giving is good and says, “Hey, hey! I didn’t vote for that,” the real retort is, “How do you know what you voted for? You didn’t read it.” Remember, it was Pelosi who said, “We’ve gotta pass it to find out what’s in it.”

They didn’t read the bill!

I wouldn’t even let ’em off the hook with, “That’s not what I voted for. There have been so many changes in this law, I didn’t vote for this version.” No, you don’t know what you voted for. You didn’t read the bill. Your staff didn’t read the bill. They’ll then probably deny it. “I certainly have read that bill and my staff’s read the bill.” Oh, so you did know what you were voting for? “Yes, and I did not vote for this.”

You voted for something, and it’s given us this mess.

It’s easy. It’d just be easy to swat that down.



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