Another gay hoax, continued silence from the left

Lying to the police and filing false reports should have jail time as much as the lie being accused of.
Check it out:

A student who claimed he was the victim of a violent homophobic attack on a night out has admitted that he just fell over.

It’s not as though Kennedy had pangs of guilt and admitted he made the story up to clear his conscience. Rather, the police obtained a TV recording which showed that “the University of Central Lancashire student had in fact simply tripped over on the walk home.”
“We managed to recover some CCTV footage which shows the injured party falling face-first onto the pavement,” explained Detective Inspector Paddy O’Neill.

Whether Kennedy was literally falling-down drunk or just stumbled, pitching headlong onto the pavement, remains to be seen. What does not remain to be seen is what his motives were. Like the unnamed transgender California teen who falsely reported being beaten in a high school bathroom last week or like the fictional story of a mother who scrawled anti-gay sentiments on a party invitation from an elementary school classmate whose parents are gay, Kennedy was responding to the paucity of real anti-gay sentiment by inventing tormenters. He was following the advice of one-time Obama adviser Rahm Emanuel and not letting a crisis go to waste.

Are there real incidents of anti-gay bias? No doubt. There is also no doubt that the hoaxes are doing more harm than good to the cause of gay rights.

As for Kennedy, he will not be “charged for wasting police time.” That won’t do much to help the cause either.



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